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Introducing: Norah Jones is Playing Along

Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond

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🗓️ 29 August 2023

⏱️ 96 minutes

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Today we are sharing an episode from one of our favorite podcasts, Norah Jones is Playing Along. Norah is a multi-grammy winning artist who loves to collaborate with other musicians, so she started a podcast to do just that.

Today's episode features the legendary Mavis Staples. You’ll hear stories from her time as a member of the iconic Staples Singers. We will also hear Mavis and Norah play a gospel classic, as well as pay homage to Mavis’s father, Pops Staples, along with a few other surprises.

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I invite an activist, artist, or politician to come to the table and speak from the heart.


In ways, you probably haven't heard from them before.


So my favorites are with Tom Hanks, Questlove, Margaret Atwood, Lord, and Blood Orange.


If that sounds eclectic, it's because it is.


I always wanted to make a show where, one week, we could sit with a politician like Ilhan Omar,


the next, a poet like Ocean Wong, or TV titans like Norman Lear and Ted Danson.


This is a podcast driven by curiosity and an abundance of research, conversations where


people actually sound like people. In recent weeks, we've sat with SD Hayam,


Ludwig Gorenson, Pad Malakshmi, Michelle Williams, and Oscar Isaac.


You can listen to Talk Easy with San Francisco, so wherever you like to listen.


After the last couple of years we've had, it's time for a different kind of conversation.


I hope to see you there.


Today we're sharing an episode from a great artist who also happens to have one of our favorite


podcasts. It's called Nora Jones is playing along. Nora is, of course, a multi-grammy-winning


artist who loves to collaborate with other musicians. So she started a podcast where she can do


just that. Each episode features a different musical guest and you as a listener get to be a


fly on the wall in the studio as musicians come together for impromptu music making and candid


conversations. With guests like Jeff Tweety, Robert Glassper, and Lucas Nelson, you'll hear


everything from their hits to glass of covers to songs written on the spot.


The episode we're sharing today is with the legendary Mavis Staples.


You'll be treated to stories from her time as a member of the iconic Staples singers,


spreading powerful messages of peace through gospel and soul music. Mavis also talks about her


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