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True Crime

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🗓️ 24 March 2022

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Coming soon: A new historical true crime podcast from The Drag

In 1885, a few years before Jack the Ripper went on a killing spree in London, an axe-wielding killer stalked the streets of the dusty frontier town of Austin, Texas. The victims, mostly Black women who worked as servants for Austin’s wealthy white residents, were brutally killed in the middle of the night. In a new podcast from the creators of the popular true crime series “Darkness,” host Megan Parker brings you back to the time when the first known American serial killer terrorized a community.

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Twenty years after a bloody civil war that freed its slaves, the Frontier City of


Austin grew and quickly modernized in the heart of Texas. But unlike the relatively


safe and hip tech center that it would later become, residents of Austin in 1885


faced violence every day. It was a still very much a town of crime and


outlaw behavior people were shot or stabbed in the middle of the street and


they didn't think that that was unusual. And yet Austinites experienced a new


form of evil that gripped the city by its neck for the entire year of 1885.


A few years before Jack the Ripper went on his murder spree in London or H.H.


Holmes stalked visitors during Chicago's World's Fair. An axe murderer struck in


the middle of the night killing Austinites as they slept. The killer mostly


attacked black women working as domestic servants to the city's rich white


population. A fearful midnight murder on West Pecan,


mystery and crime, devilish deeds, war mischief by the night prowlers, the


foul fiends keep up their bloody work. The city's small police force didn't


have the forensic tools to track down the killer. To make matters worse for the


black community, the police assumed the killer must also be black and they


arrested scores of the city's black men on little to no evidence. A bunch of


black men are getting interrogated, they're getting arrested. It's it's


mayhem. I'm Megan Parker, the host of this podcast and a journalism student at


the University of Texas at Austin. I've been studying these murders and when


learning about the victims, I couldn't help but fill a connection to them as a


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