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🗓️ 7 March 2022

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In Season 1 of “Binge Sesh,” co-hosts Matt Brennan and Kareem Maddox pull back the curtain on HBO’s “Winning Time” series about the L.A. Lakers of the 1980s, one of the sports’ most unforgettable dynasties. Every week, we bring you stories from the locker room, the soundstage, and the L.A. Times archives as we explore how “Showtime” transformed the NBA— and American culture.

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I don't know why basketball can't feel like that. To me, Dr. Busch, you do.


So I don't know if I told you this, but before I was a journalist, I was a historian.


Which means when I'm doing my work as the TV editor at the LA Times,


I kind of have a soft spot for period pieces. Which is kind of why winning time,


this new HBO show about the 80s LA Lakers struck me as the perfect subject for a podcast.


I mean, one, it's set in our backyard. Two, it's about this iconic NBA franchise.


And three, it's about a transformative period in American life. There's just one problem.


What's that? I don't know about basketball. Okay. Well, that's why I'm here.


Right, exactly. You're my basketball guy. Thanks for saying that. You're my TV guy.


And I'm glad that my decades of professional basketball experience have finally paid off.


I'm glad you're here. This is kind of perfect.


TV expert, basketball expert, TV show about basketball. Now we'll be able to join forces to


explore really every aspect of the show time phenomenon. Because as we're discovering,


it isn't just about what they brought to the encore play. And it's not just about the culture


that they created and that embraced them. It's about both those things together.


People both in LA and around the country are going to watch the show winning time. And they're


going to have all these questions that they're going to Google about like, who's Jerry Busse?


Who is Claire Rothman? Why did the Showtime Lakers matter? Like, how did the Laker Girls start?


Why was Matt Johnson such a great point guard? We can use the show as a jumping off point to answer


those questions. I did actually before we get started. I want to ask you though, you're from LA.


What do the Showtime Lakers mean to you? So I was born a Laker fan and I grew up in the 90s.


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