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INFAMOUS: Darlie Routier (Part 2)

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True Crime

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🗓️ 16 September 2019

⏱️ 41 minutes

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After Darlie was sentenced to death for the murder of her two boys her defense team immediately started the appeals process. There was a lot of information they felt the public didn't get to hear and evidence that could prove an innocent woman is sitting on death row for a crime she did not commit.

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Hi, crime junkies. I'm Ashley Flowers and I'm Britt and we are back to tell you the second part to our story about


Darley Routier and her two murdered sons Devon and Damon. So if you're just listening to this now


You haven't heard part one. You're gonna be totally lost. Go back. Listen to it and come back to this episode


We left off last episode with Darley being convicted of the murders and sentenced to death row


Police were sure Darley was responsible from early on in their investigation. They said the physical evidence proved she was lying


She wrote an incriminating note in her diary


Basically confessing to it and it was the videotape of her spring silly string on her son's graves


That the jury watched 11 times before deciding no mother would act that way and convicting her


But there's always two sides to his story and Darley's version of all these


Supposedly incriminating things are much different than the prosecution presented and they lead many to wonder if an innocent woman is


Currently sitting on death row


When Darley was sentenced to death in February of 1997 she couldn't believe what was happening her family couldn't believe it either


It felt like one tragedy right after another right after another they lost Devon and Damon and now they stood to lose


Darley too and everyone in her life was convinced of one thing she was innocent and had been wrongly accused


They said to anyone who would listen that the prosecution painted a one-sided picture and there was so much more to the story that the public didn't know


They went on every news outlet every daytime talk show that they could and fought with the host with some of the jurors that even convicted


Darley they tried to point out


This was a witch hunt and they said anyone who looked critically at the state's case would see that it was clear


Someone else was responsible and Darley was sitting in prison for a crime she did not commit the biggest argument the family had


Against Darley's accusers were her injuries the slash on her neck and a stab wound on her arm, right?


Right, but didn't the police say that it was pretty superficial like that was kind of the base of the argument right?


They said that she inflicted those wounds on her self standing over the kitchen sink now full disclosure here


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