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INFAMOUS: Bathtub Killer

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True Crime

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🗓️ 3 August 2020

⏱️ 39 minutes

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In 1996 there was one apartment complex in Texas that was home to two brutal killings, just months apart. It would take police years and several more innocent victims before they captured their killer.

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Hi, Grime junkies. I'm your host Ashley Flowers, and I'm Brett.


And the story I have for you this week is more proof that no case is ever truly frozen for good.


And that sooner or later, the past will catch up with you.


This is the story of the bathtub killer.


Late in the afternoon on September 17, 1996 in Arlington, Texas, a man named THANG KOO is headed home from work


and back to the apartment that he shares with his fiance, Christine VOO.


Since she's a third grade teacher, Christine usually gets home from work before things, so he's expecting her to be there just like normal.


So he puts his key in the lock and turns the knob, but the door won't open.


It's locked, like deadbolt and all. Wait, he lives there. I thought you said he had a key.


So he does live there, and he does have his keys, but apparently the way that their apartment was designed,


like there's one special deadbolt lock that's only accessible from the inside as some kind of extra security thing.


So THANG's key isn't enough today. So THANG figures, okay, no big deal. Christine is probably in the bathroom or something.


She's, you know, flipped that security lock. I'm going to come back in just a minute.


So THANG goes back outside to sit in his car and smoke a cigarette while he waits for Christine to finish her shower, whatever she's doing.


Except when he goes back upstairs a few minutes later, the door is still locked.


Now at this point, THANG's starting to wonder what is going on here. He's not like super worried, but I mean, you know what it's like at the end of the work day.


You're ready to just get home, see your partner, maybe pet your dog and just kind of collapse. So like he wants to be inside.


So this time, instead of going back to wait in his car, THANG actually walks to the apartment's gym facilities to call Christine and see what's going on.


Like, surely she'll hear the phone, but he dials and it rings and rings and rings, but there's no answer.


And this is pretty out of character for Christine. She's a teacher, has that consistent schedule, and now is when things are starting to feel off for THANG.


He decides to go back up to the apartment one more time, hoping she's finally done with whatever she's doing so she can open the door.


He gets to the door for the third time now, and wouldn't you know it? Third times a charm. It's not locked anymore.


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