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INFAMOUS: Alice Crimmins

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🗓️ 8 July 2019

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Long before Casey Anthony, there was another mother America loved to hate... Alice Crimmins. When her children went missing from their room one summer night, the police and the press were quick to point the finger at the "sex-crazed" mother. At the start of the women's lib movement, Alice stood for everything that threatened the status quo of how a wife and mother should behave. But over 50 years later we can re-examine the case and her multiple trials to see if there really was a case against Alice or if she was the victim of a witch hunt.

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Hi, crime junkies. I'm your host Ashley Flowers and I'm Britt.


And first of all, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who purchased a season of justice


shirt or water bottle to help support the DNA dough project. We just closed the store.


So we haven't like tallied all of the numbers yet, but we hope to have an update for you next week on how much we've raised.


And if you want to find out even sooner, be sure to follow us on social media, Crime Junkie Pod on Twitter


or Crime Junkie podcast on Instagram. And we're going to make a post as soon as we find out exactly how much that number was, but spoiler alert you guys.


I think we're going to have a lot of salt cases.


But until then, I want to tell you a story about a very infamous woman, a woman whose infamy could only be compared to that of OJ Simpson's got Peterson or even Casey Anthony.


In the 60s, she was all anyone could talk about her face made the front page of newspapers.


And she was hated by the public accused of killing her two young children.


But now half a century later, we can finally reexamine the case from all sides and see if the public hate was really warranted or if maybe, just maybe, she was the victim having lost her children and then put on trial as part of a witch hunt.


Just because the police didn't like her.


This is the story of Alice Cremens.


In 1965, Alice Cremens was living a life far from the public eye on a quiet street in Brooklyn.


Her life wasn't glamorous. It was in fact the exact kind of mundane and messy that you often find behind closed doors.


She had married her husband Eddie very young. And now that they were in their mid 20s with two kids, she just wasn't happy anymore.


Eddie would stay out late drinking with the boys after work and Alice wanted more passion, more sex, more happiness, just more.


In 1965, Alice and Eddie were separated at the time. Eddie had gotten a new place while Alice stayed in their apartment with their two kids.


Eddie Jr., who was five and four year old, Alice Jr., who they actually called Missy.


Now in June, the two parents were deep in a custody battle over the kids. Eddie was furious that Alice was sleeping with other men and he didn't want his children exposed to the comings and goings of men, which he was sure was happening.


And to be fair, it was. Like, Alice had a reputation with the people in their neighborhood that she was this smoke and hot redhead who loved the company of men.


Honestly, today I'm not sure many people would look twice at her for what she was doing, but in the 60s, at the very cusp of the women's liberation movement, Alice stood for everything that threatened to ruin the status quo.


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