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I’ve Been Everywhere Man: Gary Arndt

Fascinating People Fascinating Places

Daniel Mainwaring

Documentary, Society & Culture:documentary, Society & Culture, History

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🗓️ 22 December 2022

⏱️ 26 minutes

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Of the many Fascinating Places around the world, only the most extraordinary make the Unesco World Heritage site list. Gary Arndt — blogger, businessman, and podcaster — has visited over 400 of these sites since 2007 while visiting every continent and over 200 countries or territories whilst establishing himself as a well-renowned travel writer. But what happens when Covid shuts down the travel industry? Gary reinvented himself as the host of the hugely successful podcast Everything Everywhere Daily and found even greater success than he had as a travel writer. In this episode I speak to the Fascinating man, about his remarkable success. Gary’s website: Everything Everywhere Daily Music: Pixabay

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I've covered some intense subjects lately on this podcast. In the next few weeks there are some similarly


tough topics to come, including the Gering Brothers and an exploration of exorcism.


But as we head into the holiday season, this week I've decided to offer some light affair and I'll be talking to a fascinating man who's been to more fascinating


places than even the most avid traveler.


Renowned travel writer Gary Art has visited over 400 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, over 200 countries and territories, and he once visited


all seven continents in just one year. His traveling really began in 2007 when he sold his house and began a


multi-year world trek. So Gary what was it like going on a multi-year vacation?


I wouldn't call it a vacation.


Everybody thinks that traveling is a vacation and that you're just constantly


in leisure mode the entire time.


I had a pretty popular travel website, social media accounts,


so I was working a lot of the time.


I was traveling, but it wasn't vacation.


When you embarked on that journey, how far out did you have it mapped out in terms of where you were going to go


or was it just sort of wherever the wind took you?


I made it up as I went along.


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