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Hynpotist Zach Pincince

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Daniel Mainwaring

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🗓️ 1 September 2023

⏱️ 31 minutes

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Zach Pincince has become a viral sensation as a hypnotist, motivational speaker, and voice actor. He has appeared on TedX and collaborated with the legendary Tony Robbins among others. But what is hypnotism and how does it work? In this episode, we get candid insights from Zach Pincince into the entertainment side of hypnotism as well as its practical benefits. To learn more about Zach follow these links: Zach Pincince Official Wesbite https://www.zachpincince.com/ Zach Pincince Youtube

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Zachary Pinsense is a charismatic individual who's become a viral sensation within the world of inspirational speaking and hypnosis.


He's appeared on TEDX. He's also worked alongside the global phenomenon that it's Tim Robbins. You may recall that earlier


this year I spoke with Ellie Garnen, another hypnotist whose work revolves around the


spiritual and her and her client's belief in past life regression.


Zachary, by contrast, is a more traditional hypnotist.


He isn't here to offer insights into reincarnation. His focus is on the here and now, providing


entertainment and helping people to improve their current lives.


Zachary, thanks for joining me. How did you first get involved in hypnotism?


My journey with hypnosis started initially doing magic,


so when I was in college I decided to learn


slight of hand in card tricks just as a hobby it picked it up for fun and when I


started doing magic I couldn't do anything I couldn't even shuffle a deck of cards.


I had no experience but just got into it because I thought it was neat and fun and


started just watching videos on YouTube of course, just learning how to do basic


shuffles and card tricks.


And after a few months of doing it was really enjoying it so it


started to get into it a little more seriously and getting more professional resources


to learn from and the books and the DVDs and getting advice from other magicians and


after about a year or so of doing magic


I was having so much fun with it that I decided to get into doing other types of


performance and performing so got into doing comedy did some stand-up


joined an improv troupe on campus, did some improv comedy as well.


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