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How to find “your thing” (or your many things) – (w/ Constance Hockaday)

How to Be a Better Human


Self-improvement, Education

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🗓️ 1 April 2024

⏱️ 34 minutes

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Some people are born knowing exactly what they want to do with their life – and because of that, they’re able to get to the top of their field. But most of us have multiple passions and identities, making it difficult to visualize our own unique paths.. So, how do we explore who we are and what we love to do in our careers and in our lives? This week, guest & TED Fellow Constance Hockaday helps us navigate and voice our deepest hopes and desires. She walks us through her perspective as an artist, what she’s learned from immersing herself into small and sometimes very isolated communities, and gives tips on how to find liberation by pursuing your passion. For the full text transcript, visit go.ted.com/BHTranscripts

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Ted Audio Collective. to be a better human. I'm your host Chris Duffy. Because of the nature of this show


where it's an interview with mostly just one person, we tend to feature a lot of


people who have very clear ideas about what they do and who they are. They've accomplished something big and they're here to share about it.


And that's great, and I think there's a lot to learn from people who are so focused.


But I've been thinking about how that can also skew our understanding about what's normal.


Because most of us don't have just one thing that we've always known was our thing.


There's only so many people who can be like, I'm the world's most talented bass jumper.


In fact, there's only one person who can say that and they're probably currently throwing themselves off a cliff right now.


The rest of us juggle a bunch of identities all at once, or we might be fuzzy on exactly what it is that we want to devote our free time or our careers to.


We might not know what our identity exactly is.


For a lot of us, it can feel like our thing is just getting through the day.


And that's why I think that today's guest is really special.


Constance Hawkere day helps people to come up with new visions of leadership


and success to strive for. But she also helps broaden ideas about what your thing can be.


And she's doing it for everyone, not just the single-minded


passionate sense birth type people. I also love that Connie is still figuring this out for herself. She


describes herself in a lot of different ways and how she sees herself professionally and personally is always


evolving. Here's a clip from her TED Talk. I work in organizational and leadership development and I'm an artist.


I believe artists are leaders in expressing things that humankind often doesn't know how to say yet.


So that's why I invited a bunch of artists to do a leadership makeover.


They wrote public addresses, they made leadership portraits.


I call them the artists in presidents.


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