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How to build better relationships between kids, parents, and ourselves (w/ Dr. Becky Kennedy)

How to Be a Better Human


Self-improvement, Education

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🗓️ 18 September 2023

⏱️ 39 minutes

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One of the most important things that humans do is learning how to relate – to ourselves, one another, and, crucially, to our parents. Dr. Becky Kennedy, who was deemed the “Millennial Parenting Whisperer” by Time Magazine, might understand this better than anyone. In this episode, Dr. Becky and Chris discuss how we can raise kids in ways that help them be confident and resilient. But don’t fret, non-parents, Dr. Becky also shares rich insights about how to find and develop the relationship-mending skills we need to thrive as adults. This jam-packed episode has a little something for everyone – and if you want more from Dr. Becky you can listen to her talk on TED Talks Daily, or find her on her own podcast, Good Inside with Dr. Becky, wherever you are listening to this. For the full text transcript, visit go.ted.com/BHTranscripts

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Ted Audio Collective. better human. I'm your host Chris Duffy. Today's guest Dr. Becky Kennedy gave a TED Talk that I have not stopped


thinking about since I saw it. It has genuinely changed the way that I think about many


relationships in my life. I think that Dr. Becky's message is


profound. I think it's extremely important. But I also want to admit something. I want to make a


confession. When I first heard about Dr. Becky, I was told that she was a parenting expert, and I'll admit that I was a little dismissive.


It didn't seem particularly relevant to my life.


And if there is one constant in my life, it is that every time I cockily say to myself,


I don't think this is advice I need to hear.


It turns out that that is, in fact, exactly the advice I need to hear.


Absolutely 100% of the time, I was wrong and I need to hear. Absolutely 100% of the time I was wrong and I need to hear it. And of course this was no exception.


When I heard what Dr. Becky had to say, I realized that she is talking about so much more than just parent-child relationships.


She is talking about all interpersonal relationships.


So whether you have a kid, whether you want to have kids, or you have absolutely no interest


in ever having kids, I feel very confident that you are going to take


away something meaningful from Dr. Becky. Here's a clip from her TED Talk where she


discusses what she thinks is the single most important skill that any person can learn and practice?


There's almost nothing within our interpersonal relationships that can have as much impact


as repair. Whenever a parent asks me what one parenting


strategy should I focus on I always say the same thing. Get good at repair.


So what is repair?


Repair is the act of going back to a moment of disconnection,


taking responsibility for your behavior, and acknowledging the impact it had on another. And I want to differentiate a repair from an apology because one apology often looks to shut a conversation down,


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