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How Border Politics Landed in Martha’s Vineyard

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🗓️ 21 September 2022

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Last week, nearly 50 Venezuelan migrants showed up, without warning, on the wealthy island of Martha’s Vineyard. Their arrival was the culmination of a monthslong strategy by two of the United States’ most conservative governors to lay the issue of undocumented immigration at Democrats’ doorstep. How has this strategy played out and what has it meant for the migrants caught in the middle? Guest: Miriam Jordan, a national correspondent covering immigration for The New York Times.

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From New York Times, I'm Michael Barrow. This is a daily.


Today, when nearly 50 Venezuelan migrants showed up without warning on the wealthy island


of Martha's Vineyard, it was the culmination of a month's long strategy by two of the


country's most conservative governors to make undocumented immigration, a problem for


blue states, not just red ones. My colleague, Miriam Jordan, on how that strategy has played


out and what it's meant for the migrants caught in the middle. It's Wednesday, September


21st. Miriam, how did all of this begin? Well, with the number of migrants arriving


at the border, growing very quickly, have a very ambitious governor, Greg Abbott. Well,


thank everybody for being with us here today. I'm a joint today, who announced in early


April that he had to do something about it. Texas will be taking his own unprecedented


actions this month. And he wanted to show the country and the White House that this


shouldn't just be his problem. To help local officials, whose communities are being


overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the Biden administration.


Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped


off by the Biden administration to Washington, DC. So he announced that he was going to start


putting migrants on buses and shipping them to the nation's capital.


In one question, there are places you see that you all are planning to send migrants to


as there are designated areas that you guys have been to. The first location will be


the steps of the United States capital. Right. And for an ambitious Republican governor


who wants to make the point that immigration should not just be his problem or Texas


is a problem, what could be more symbolically powerful than literally delivering migrants


from his state to the president's doorstep in Washington, DC. But Miriam, what's happening


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