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Honey, I Monetized the Kids Again


Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 15 November 2023

⏱️ 71 minutes

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The girlies revisit a classic early Binchtopia episode to unpack the phenomenon of child-centric content — this time with sources! In Part 1 they discuss the history of child labor in America including the plight of minor miners, the exploitation of Shirley Temple, and why we LOVE watching videos of Trisha Paytas playing with Malibu Barbie. Digressions include Eliza’s experience of buying Buddhism in Hollywood, Catholic mantras that go hard, and listener-submitted momager stories.

Binchtopia is created, produced, and hosted by Julia Hava and Eliza McLamb. This episode was edited by Allison Hagan.


History of child labor in the United States—part 1: little children working

History of child labor in the United States–part 2: the reform movement

There’s No Business Like Show Business: Child Entertainers and the Law

More Than Pocket Money: A History of Child Actor Laws

Little Miss Fix-It: The Remarkable Life of Shirley Temple

Before The Good Ship Lollipop, Shirley Temple Did 'Baby Burlesks'

How cute things hijack our brains and drive behaviour 

Assessing the cuteness of children: Significant factors and gender differences

Gendering Cuteness

Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute, Interesting 

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Welcome to Binge Topia.


We hope you enjoy your stay.


Hi everybody, welcome back to Binchtopia.


Hello and welcome back.


I'm Julia Hava.


I'm Eliza McLam. If you would like to help us keep these episodes ad free you can join our


Patreon which is Patreon.com slash Binchtopia you can get access to our bonus


episodes our monthly zooms and our media soads and we are very excited for this upcoming month's


bad book club read.


So true. I need to start prepping. I also think the media soda is going to be stocked this month because I've been watching a lot of movies


reading a lot of books I can't wait to discuss


wait can we celebrate the writer strike and the actor strike ended.


Yeah, good for them.


Good for them.


And good for us because now we're going to get content again


because it's honestly been kind of dry out there. Because I need Yellow Jackets season three.


No, I really need Yellow Jackets season three.


I need Abbott Elementary next season.


I saw that they resume.


It just gives me peace to know that they're working on creating


content for me because I need it I need it so true it was cute being able to see


everybody finally post about their like Rachel Senate posted a big thing about bottoms.


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