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Holiday Special: Bad Surgeon, Innocent After Lockup E2

90 Day Fiance Cray Cray

90 Day Fiancé Cray Cray

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🗓️ 1 January 2024

⏱️ 107 minutes

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There's no 90 Day Fiance episode because of the holiday, so join us in this super uplifting B-Sides D-Sides Combo episode we discuss Bad Surgeon on Netflix and Innocent After Lockup E2 while Kyle slams Modelos in Mexico and tries to stave off depression. Trailer for Bad Surgeon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VNn2eXRTeM Watch Bad Surgeon: https://www.netflix.com/title/81607097 WeTv Innocent After Lockup: https://www.wetv.com/shows/innocent-after-lockup/episodes/season-5-calvin--1065832 Trigger Warnings: - politics-ish (war on drugs) - racial discrimination, injustice - horrific medical experiments, death, essentially torture Sign up for our premium podcast feed with 3x the content! Just go to https://www.realitycraycray.com/ for a 30 second sign up for as little as $5, or if you already have a Patreon account, go to http://patreon.com/realitycraycray. Other Links: Facebook Group https://realitycraycray.com/facebook Instagram https://realitycraycray.com/instagram Threads https://realitycraycray.com/threads Leave us a review: https://realitycraycray.com/review-us Gift a Subscription: https://realitycraycray.com/gift Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hey everyone with no 90 day fiancee episode this week or last week


Kyle and I have decided to release a special episode to everyone that we had on our reality cray craycray


Patreon over the holiday. We're talking about Bad Surgeon, which is a three-part


documentary on Netflix and also episode 2 of Innocent after Lockup. This is kind of a


mix between our B-sides and D-sides that we typically release on reality cray-cray premium, on


Patreon and on Supercast. On B-sides we typically talk about other reality TV like


single life coming up and 90 Day Diaries.


Also we're going to check out that new Love and Translation show and later in January on TLC.


And our D-Sides is a long-form podcast where we cover popular in current documentaries like


Tinder twin flames and mother God love has one we're also covering the second


Natalia Grace documentary in January. If you like this content you can check out reality craycray


dot com to subscribe or patreon.com slash reality cray cray if you're already on


patreon and of course all of our premium content on both Patreon and Supercast is always ad free.


That's right, no ads, never any ads on Patreon.


If you don't like this content, that's totally cool.


We'll see you next week when 90-day fiance cray-cray a special edition. I'm Kim And I'm


I'm Kyle. I'm still in Mexico and it's time to start drinking.


This is a special, this is like a B D sides, we're calling it and...


D B B sides. D B, I like D in the B. It's a D in the B. That's what it is. It's a D sides in the B sides.


Jesus, they were off to a great start.


Oh, good bastard! start. guys there's no shows to cover unless we wanted to cover pillow talk which is just too many


degrees of matrix so we are talking about bad surgeon and then we're going to talk about episode two of innocent after lockup which we're very much


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