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Hell’s Square Mile, Part 2

Appalachian Mysteria

Jam Street Media

Documentary, True Crime, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 15 May 2024

⏱️ 44 minutes

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After Walter Curnutte’s murder, his sister Mabel takes on the case, recording interviews, writing letters to powerful officials, and hiring a private detective. The community’s war on Walter comes to light – from protests to arson to civil disobedience. We look back at the strange month preceding Walter’s death – including his hiring of Herb Willie, the man tried for his murder. Was Herb a drunken liar, a murderer, or both? A state trooper who investigated the case has an opinion. Tim and Becky beg to differ. 1:55 – Mabel’s obsession 5:30 – Mining and dumping 12:35 – Walter’s last month alive 17:15 – Trooper Wick 26:00 – Herb Willie’s Confessions & Trial Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Last time on Appalachian Mysteria, Hell's Square Mile, the Morgan family descended from the upper


classes of the British Isles settle in present-day Reevesville, West Virginia, In the first iteration of bloodshed on the land,


David Morgan awakens from a dream in which his children are scalped, only to find them actually


being stalked by two Indians. Against the odds, the 60-year-old man kills both, and the flesh of


one is made into a belt and shot pouch. Years later, David's grandson Willie discovers a strong


leader figure, an 11-year-old Walter Knut, who despite his age,


pronounces a fellow worker fired.


The family adopts the boy into the David Morgan homeplace, the house where he would live out his life.


Walter is charged with the murder of two fox hunters at age 17 narrowly escaping conviction


after the judge ruled his testimony inadmissible.


In 1975, Walter's body is discovered a half mile from his ransacked home, in which his alphabetical


files seem to have been missing everything under the letter S.


Walter's sister, Mabel, takes up the investigation,


performing her own interviews and copying Walter's diaries


to look for suspects and clues.


We have access to those diaries,


and to a cassette tape on which Mabel herself interviews Mildred Thornton, the last person to speak with Walter, probably less than two hours before his death.


Mother and son investigative team, Tim and Rebecca,


now guide us into the trial over Walter's murder


and the wild times that followed in Hell Square Mile. square mile. Walter's sister Mabel left us more than just writing. She left us, quite literally, the voices of the dead.


When she felt that police were getting nowhere, Maple began recording herself talking to


various people on the phone.


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