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Halloween Trivia - Episode 161

Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

Girl's Girls Media

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🗓️ 29 October 2023

⏱️ 19 minutes

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From the creepy to the spooky, how much do you know about this haunted holiday? Play along and find out! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Hi, I'm Neil, and I'm Ken, and we are from the Triviality Podcast, a pub trivia style game show where a lack of seriousness meets a little bit of knowledge.


Join us each week for an hour long game of general knowledge trivia featuring special guests from around the world, plus tons of extra themed episodes.


If you want to improve your trivia game, or you just want to scream at us in your car when we get easy questions wrong, then we're the show for you.


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Hello, and welcome spooky trivia nerds to the best trivia podcast ever. The family road trip trivia podcast. I'm your host, Brittany. I'm here with my best friend, Meredith. Say hi, Meredith. Hey, trivia nerds. It is the week of Halloween.


Do you have your costume ready? Almost. I'm like so last minute this year. It's terrible, but my kids are already, but like, I am not ready yet.


I haven't completed one single test, and both of my kids are like, I don't want to do it. I'm too old, because they're like teenagers guys, and so they're like, we're just going to pass out candy.


We don't want to do anything, and I'm like, well, all right, I guess.


I assume that's not doing anything. We live in the country, guys. We don't get to pass out candy. We don't treat your treaters, but I know it sucks.


But I assume that they also didn't want to go trick or treating, but then they're like, so we're getting costumes. We can go trick or treat. I'm like, oh, are we doing that? Yes, yes. Let's go do that.


So we've been doing, but I haven't got anything for myself. I usually just do like some manner of cat or which in fact, Marathon, I were at a library this last week, the Swanton Public Library. Thanks for hosting us. We did live Halloween trivia. All of our amazing friends showed up in costumes.


It was so cool, and we played some awesome Halloween trivia with some zombie rounds, and there was so much candy and so much fun. So we did get to dress up for that. We'll put some pictures up this week.


That was fine. It was pretty awesome. We would love to do live trivia. If you want us to come to your library or your pub or something and do some live trivia, we're in.


We love it. Just have all your library and contact us either on Facebook. That's fine in our messages. They can do it also via Instagram. We do lots of, you know, family trivia, adult trivia, kid trivia. We do it all. We just love trivia. We love trivia. Yeah.


Okay. So we can give a shout out. First of all to our teams from this week team and for no black cat, Winnie and killers. Good job, guys. We love playing trivia with you guys at the library. Thanks for coming out. Also a shout out to Kira Audrey Hudson, Charlotte and James as well.


Some birthdays. We've got Archie ablated birthday to Ruby Sean Natalie in Gabrielle. I hope you guys have amazing. I would love to have a Halloween birthday. That's so cool. Yeah. That is cool. Yeah.


Yeah, a party. Then you would dress up every year. Yes. That's birthday. I have a guy's. I love it. That's birthday parties. So much fun. Yeah. So we're going to lead you through two rounds of Halloween trivia. I'm going to ask you a question. Give you 10 seconds to come up the answer. Give yourself one point from a correct one. Are you ready to get your spook on ready. All right. Round one question one Halloween is thought to have started around 600 AD based on what ancient Celtic festival.


I actually know this and that's so that is correct. It is so in question two. What is the most popular Halloween costume in the US according to Google?


Is it a witch? It is a witch actually.


Okay, question three. Before pumpkins, which route vegetable to the Irish and Scottish carve on Halloween?


A squash close. It's a turn up. They used to carve turnips, which I don't even know what it's turn up is. I mean, I have a hard time carving a pumpkin. I can imagine carving a turn up, but you know, what up question four.


How many pieces of candy does the average household give to every trick or treater that comes?


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