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Ghosts and Specters

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

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🗓️ 27 March 2024

⏱️ 40 minutes

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“Whether you believe in ghosts or not—these stories are true.” –Ghosts & Specters by Bruce and Nancy Roberts

Being a kid can be scary. In the premiere episode of Richard Hatem's Paranormal Bookshelf, Richard takes us on a nostalgic journey back to his childhood discovery of the book that changed everything.

Travel back to 1974 as he recounts the pivotal moment when Aunt Sally gifted him Ghosts & Specters by Bruce and Nancy Roberts. This slim hardback, filled with haunting tales and eerie photographs, ignited Richard's fear and imagination and sparked a complicated lifelong fascination with the strange and unexplained that would later fuel his screenwriting career.

While Ghosts & Specters by Bruce and Nancy Roberts may seem unlikely to inspire an entire life, to Richard, it is anything but. It started him on a journey into the unknown, and he’s never looked back. Published by Doubleday, this collection of 10 stories describes ghostly apparitions and happenings paired with ghoulish photographs that seem to creep right out of the pages and into reality. Each tale within these pages transports readers to a world where the inexplicable becomes possible, and fear gives way to fascination (and then moves back to fear again). Maybe YOU have a book just like this on your shelf. It terrified you so completely that you couldn't put it down. Or, even stranger, maybe this is the same book that brought you to this podcast.

Join Richard as he reflects on the power of books that act as a beacon into the unknown and the transformative journey that book lovers and librarians can have in our lives.

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Well, it's time to introduce the latest podcast to join the Astonishing Legends Network,


Richard Adams, paranormal bookshelf.


Rich has been a guest on Astonishing Legends so many times we've lost count, but it's a lot,


and he's become a dear friend. So a while back we finally went to him and said hey


You want to do your own podcast and to absolutely nobody surprise he said yes. Yeah, we all know Rich don't we? So he got to work on figuring out what he wanted it to be and


started doing what he does best, which is writing scripts, which he sent to us a few months ago and we loved them.


Yeah, it was something completely new and different. which he sent to us a few months ago and we loved them.


Yeah, it was something completely new and different and decidedly, very Richard had them and we


knew it was going to be a great addition to the Astonishing Legends network.


So tonight we're sharing episode number one of his show with all of the astonishing


legend subscribers. Please note since our feed is PG-13 we've bleeped a few spots on the


episode but it appears uncensored on its own feed. Yes and well this is an easy place to listen and we'll probably share a few more here and there in the future,


the best way to get all the new episodes is to find and subscribe to Richard Adams' paranormalshelf, wherever you get your podcasts.


Okay, Sarah, Roll Richard Adams


Paranormal Bookshelf episode number one.


Astonishing Legends Network. Hey everybody, welcome to the first episode of Richard Adams paranormal bookshelf.


It is raining here in Pasadena.


It is a dark night.


It's kind of perfect.


Listen, I'm so glad you're here.


There's a lot of people I want to thank.


First person I want to thank is my wife


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