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Generous Georgette

The Black Dahlia Serial Killers


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🗓️ 6 January 2017

⏱️ 30 minutes

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After young oil heiress Georgette Bauerdorf was found raped and strangled in her Sunset Strip apartment, police turned their attention to the famous Hollywood Canteen, where she volunteered as a junior hostess. A soldier referred to as the Jitterbug Dancer quickly became Suspect #1. But he was just the first of many suspects. Although hostesses were strictly forbidden to socialize with servicemen, it turned out Georgette allowed dozens of men to sleep over and that she'd been generous with both her time and money. Perhaps generous to a fault?

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previously on Hollywood and crime.


At this point, we believe the most likely scenario is Miss Bowardorf was knocked unconscious


by a fall while preparing her bath, then drowned in the tub.


We revised the initial probable cause of death from accidental drowning to foreign body


strangulation homicide.


So you say she did not drown?


She did not drown.


Thumb and finger marks on her face, lips, abdomen and thighs suggested her killer had


a powerful, almost eight-like hat.


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In January 1947, the body of a young woman was discovered in an empty lot south of Hollywood.


She had been brutally murdered.


Her body was mutilated.


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