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Gator Nation | 3

Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc.

The Boston Globe | Wondery

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🗓️ 23 October 2018

⏱️ 36 minutes

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Aaron Hernandez was one of eight players who graduated high school early to join the powerhouse University of Florida football team. Six of them would go on to play in the NFL. Forget the senior prom, it was time to learn a playbook as thick as a dictionary. But perhaps the most important lesson he learned was after he got into a bar fight his freshman year: when you're a football player, actions don’t always have consequences.

For more information on issues raised by this series, including suicide prevention, mental health, LGBTQ+ support, and concussion and sports safety, here is a list of support groups and educational organizations

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A listener note, this episode contains some adult language and themes.


Aaron Hernandez arrived at the University of Florida just after his 17th birthday.


Soon, he had a scooter, and he and other football players were zooming around campus together


under the palm trees and live oaks.


The big kid from Connecticut stuck out on the Gainesville campus.


He sported an LL Bean backpack, which is an iconic New England brand.


Here's his former teammate, Amad Black.


That's the backpack he had.


This is the first thing I see about walking down campus, man.


The backpack he saw was good.


I've never saw one before, and I saw Aaron with an apology I know being.


I'm like, what the heck is a little green backpack?


But it didn't take long for Hernandez to find trouble.


He'd only been a student for three months.


On an April 28th, 2007, he went out in a Saturday night with Florida's star quarterback, Tim Tibo.


It was a typical weekend at a typical college bar called the swamp.


Overcooked food, warm beer, weightresses and short shorts.


Typical until a fight broke out.


At 1 a.m., the bar manager called the police.


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