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From the Vault- Timothy Ateek, Never Been Closer - Repenting Regularly

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🗓️ 18 April 2024

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A talk from Timothy Ateek in February 2020
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Howdy and welcome to the Breakaway Podcast. Thanks for listening. Breakaway is a Bible study recorded on the campus of Texas A&M University.


Today's message is from Breakaway's Executive Director, Timothy Atik.


We hope you enjoy the message. And Well, when I was a senior in high school at Highland Park High School in Dallas,


I decided to take a college visit to Texas A&M University, a really smart decision to take a college


visit here.


But I made a deal with my parents that I was just going to fly solo and that they could stay home.


And so they gave me permission to drive to College Station


by myself because I was going to spend the night


with a friend.


And so I got in my car and I began to make my way down I 35 and I got to Waco and in Waco I got on to


Highway 6 and I began to make my way to College Station and I found myself surprised that about an hour into my time on Highway 6,


I hadn't seen signs yet for Brian or College Station.


Now what you need to know is I was driving to College Station prior to


smartphones and I know that just dated me I get that I'm fine with that I'm I'm old


unapologetically okay no no smartphones no Google Maps at this time it was more like dad how do I get there and he's like you're gonna go on this road and then you're gonna take a ride and go for a lot longer and I was like okay I'll give


it a world that's how directions worked before the smartphone and so I'm I'm on highway


six and I've been on highway six for about an hour and I find myself surprised that I haven't seen signs yet for Brian or College Station.


But my senior in high school self just told myself


let's just give it a little bit more time because I'm sure this is the right direction,


this is six, it's just going to happen.


Like a time is going to come, college station is going to appear,


and then I will arrive.


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