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From the Vault- Timothy Ateek, I Am Willing

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🗓️ 18 April 2024

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A talk from Timothy Ateek in September 2018
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Howdy and welcome to the Breakaway podcast. Thanks for listening. Breakaway is a Bible study recorded on the campus of Texas a name.


For more information visit breakaway ministries.org.


We hope you enjoy the message. And I was several years ago.


Several years ago I was in Israel


and I took a day trip to the Dead Sea and I was there


with my cousin and we were just sitting there and watching people in the Dead Sea and


if you don't know much about the Dead Sea, what you need to know is it's about nine times


saltier than the ocean.


And so due to its high salt content, it's pretty hard for things to live in the Dead Sea. It's pretty natural for things to float in the Dead Sea


because that's what dead things do when they spend any amount of time in the Dead Sea.


So you can actually look out at people who are alive laying back on the


water of the dead sea and they just float because that's what things do it's like


the sea knows if you hang out here long enough you going to be dead so you can go ahead and pretend like what you will be like if you hang out here for too long.


And so we were just looking out at people, we were people watching, and they were doing the whole floating thing


but then the second thing that people love to do at the Dead Sea is they love to pick up


mud off of the bottom of the dead sea floor and they love to cake their bodies in the mud.


And so people will spend time just kind of covering their bodies and then they will make a


short walk up to these freshwater showers and clean up because I think it's therapeutic


for the skin.


And so my cousin and I on this particular day were just looking out at this group of people


caking themselves in the mud of the Dead Sea and man they were having the time


of their lives, they were laughing, they were high-fiving, they were pointing at each other,


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