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From the Vault- Gregg Matte, Thank You Lord

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🗓️ 18 April 2024

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From the Vault, Spring 1998

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We come in this time and we pray that you would move in such a special way in our hearts and our minds Lord and our lifestyles that you would do your work.


You would do work, Father, that only you can do.


Do things that we can trust no one else to do but you.


Right now, if you would, for your heart and say,


God, make me realize how many things I should be thankful for.


God make me realize all that I should be thankful for. If you would pray for me, Lord we trust you we look forward to you and we know God that you're going to do your work in a powerful, powerful way.


In Jesus, name, Amen.


Tonight, we're going to talk about thankfulness. We're going to talk about being


thankful, but it's not going to be a typical Christian talk about


thankfulness where all of a sudden we make everybody feel bad because you got a name-brand shirt


art. We're not going to make you feel bad because you had a super monster and somebody else


hasn't eaten all day long in Africa somewhere. We're not going to make you feel bad because


you drive a nice car and most people in the world don't have nice cars and you get to go to college and most people don't get to go to college and we're going to all feel terrible and bad and feel like gosh, why did I wear this shirt and this bear pants to man this watch golly and this that and the other and make us feel real bad and make us feel about all the things


exteriorly we should be thankful for. Our goal tonight is not to become thankful for the outside


things in our life. Our goal tonight here is to become thankful for the work of God in our life and in our campus in our nation and in our world.


The goal is not to become thankful for all the things that you have outside of your body.


The goal is to become thankful for the work that God has done in


your heart. The work he's doing on this campus and in the nation and in the world.


That's our goal for tonight is thankfulness.


And next week when we walk into this room and we worship in song


and we worship with singing with our voices,


we're going to worship in thankfulness.


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