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From the Vault- Gregg Matte, Seeking The Face of God

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🗓️ 18 April 2024

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From the Vault, Fall 2000

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Welcome to Breakaways tape ministry. We hope that you're encouraged by


tonight's talk and challenged by God's work. If you'd like to share this talk


with someone else we need to inform you of our copyright policy


copy the heck out of it it's our desire to share the gospel with all of creation


thanks for listening Oh, Okay. Well in this room tonight we've got all sorts of folks we've got a diverse group of people in this room


We got some of you that are just getting started on your college career. This is year one here you are this is day two of year one


Some of y'all this is day two of year one some of you all this is day two of year six maybe


year seven some of you are leaving boyfriends back at home some of you all left


home to come five boyfriends here in this place.


Some of you are just starting some classes in your major and you're trying to get through


and to really get some classes in your major.


Some of you, by the end of this semester, you're going to have a brand new major


that's what's going to happen. All different things are going to happen. It's a


diverse group of people that we have here. We've got all different people from


all different walks of life from different parts of the state from different parts of the country from different parts of the world


It's a diverse group of people all around here, but there's one thing that everybody in has in common right now in this room.


Is that everybody right now in this room has a 4.0.


Now we know it's downhill from here.'s it so do all you whooping that you're


gonna get done right now because it's downhill for most of us everything is gonna


start changing in a little bit you got a 4.0 because you hadn't had a grade taken yet you got a 4.0 because you hadn't had a grade taken yet. You got a 4.0 because you


didn't even bought your books yet if you tell the truth.


You got a 4.0 because you got all sorts of stuff going on.


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