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From the Vault- Gregg Matte, Hopelessly Devoted

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🗓️ 18 April 2024

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From the Vault, Spring 1995

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She'd take a seat, pray together real quick.


Father, I thank you for this time.


And I pray Holy Spirit that you would move so just visibly fine.


That we would sense you in our hearts, you would change lives in this place.


While we've heard enough talks, we've heard enough sermons,


we've been to church enough.


But I pray, Father, that tonight would be a time


that we choose to be holy.


And we choose to walk away vessels for you and I thank you that your word is


ready to speak and it's our first choice to choose to listen. Pray right now, just in your heart, just that you would make that choice.


Just say, Father, I choose to listen tonight. I pray for me that I'd be focused.


Thank you, Father, for who you are and what you're going to do in Jesus name, amen.


We're going to be in Colossians, chapter 4 tonight,


if you want to turn there, and your Bible's,


it's in the New testament about halfway back.


It's exciting for the people, how many people have been coming to breakaway since first Baptist college station raise your hand


Isn't it exciting to move into this place and to see this thing grow like this? I mean I've been want to say that for a couple weeks but I mean it just pumps me up to see when I remember when we got to the first Baptist college


station we didn't even set up the left side remember that? We even set it up.


But we would have set it up nobody has sat in it so we just let the basketball hoop there and then now we had to set the whole thing up put side things in bringing the fire marshal to check things out.


He said you can't do it. So then we said, okay, we won't do it.


We did it anyway, but don't tell him in the name of God and Jesus.


We broke the laws, I guess.


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