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From the Vault- Ben Stuart, The Chief End of Man: The Will

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🗓️ 18 April 2024

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A talk from Ben Stuart in April 2010
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Well, I have an older brother, which means when I was a little kid, most of my toys were inherited.


And they normally came down to me a bit slobbered on and completely


lacking directions and so where I lacked instruction I had to make up for it in creativity.


And so there were two toys in particular that are in my mind tonight,


and I'm going to have to describe them to you.


One of them was this yellow piece of plastic that kind of had one big open round in and then a smaller open round in and was connected in such a way that it looked like a funnel


except that it had big holes running all through it so it was entirely incapable of funneling.


And so for me in my little world it became my hat and I would put it on my head and it didn't fit fully over the top.


I kind of had to wear it on the back because I had what a coach would call in later years a


deceptively large head and so I just kind of wore it on the back, but it was sort of like my crown that I would


wear as I sort of ruled over the domain of my toys and that's how that worked.


I also had this little red rubber thing that was kind of a,


just had one open end and then was kind of rounded out at the bottom


and it had been sort of accordioned on the side


so you could squeeze it. And it was this red rubber squeezy thing and


For me at my little world it sort of looked like a beaker and so for me it just became my mad science lab.


And I took it into the tub and it made bath time


tons of fun.


Because I would put different kinds of soap and conditioner


and all sorts of things inside.


And then I'd be like, I'm making stuff, what's happening in it?


And I kind of poured out and, you know, a little conditioner would come out and be like,


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