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Friends Forever (Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un)

Hall of Shame

Rachel Bonnetta

Society & Culture, Sports, Comedy

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🗓️ 8 June 2020

⏱️ 69 minutes

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Rachna is going to need Rachel to step up her friend game. In the late 90s, Dennis Rodman was basketball’s bad boy, and Kim Jong Un was a young student obsessed with the Chicago Bulls. What follows is almost a decade of bizarre fair weather friendship between the misunderstood super star and the temperamental dictator, filled with photo ops, pseudo-diplomacy, and hostage negotiations over Twitter. PLUS, the man who witnessed it all, former Vice Media correspondent Ryan Duffy stops by to give us all the juicy details of his trip to North Korea. Show notes: If you’re able to donate, here’s how to support people and groups protesting police violence and working to combat racism and injustice: Go to crooked.com/bailfunds to support community bail funds around the country, and go to crooked.com/changefunds to support 11 groups fighting racism and police brutality. Alright now let’s get back to the show!

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Hey everybody, I'm Rachel Bonetta and I'm Rechna Frickbaum and this is Hall of Shake.


Hey Rachel! Hey girl, hey! Hey! So I'm real excited to get into this episode. But before


we do, we're a sports podcast that keeps it pretty light. But when it's relevant, I feel


like we try to explore the ways that sports cannot be separated from the social, political,


and racial systems exist in. So in light of current events and partly because today's story


actually touches on them in a way, it feels especially important to acknowledge a couple things.


So Colin Kaepernick, through his stage as a professional athlete, tried to shine a light on the


racism and police brutality that is once again being protested across the nation. At the time,


and unfortunately, even now, many people were more outraged at his kneeling and the protest


than at the systematic brutality and white supremacy he was calling out, and it's frankly


infuriating to think about. But instead of stewing in that fury, I'm focusing instead on the quote,


it is a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it your whole life. As a woman


of color whose life has not been without big a tree, I also hold that I do not fully understand


because I am not black and that alone affords me privilege. I will own that, listen, learn,


undoubtedly make mistakes, learn more and strive to work for change with that privilege because


it shouldn't have to be said, but unfortunately it does, so we cannot repeat it enough. Black lives


matter. Well, we cannot change the past. We can own that this country failed to recognize the


powerful way Kaepernick and others have tried to use sports as a platform and has generally failed


across the board to effectively address issues of racial injustice. One person incapable of that,


or any humanity or character is our president, who stokes hatred on a daily basis, attempts to


dismantle the major institutions of our democracy and exploit the new cycle with his endless lies and


propaganda. Just this week, he gasped a group of peaceful protesters for a photo op in front of a


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