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🗓️ 19 April 2024

⏱️ 49 minutes

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19 April 2024 - Apollo Live 6PM EST - Free Courts, Free Speech, Free Elections, Free Thought

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Welcome back, friends. You know I love me some Dax. So we play some Dac.


Because you know his stuff's just fire. But welcome back. It's Friday.


It is Friday. Super excited, it's Friday.


My hair is on one today, so we're just gonna hear you guys,


you get to have the main today, I guess.


But welcome back.


Good news update, Gammie's doing cool. She messes me another fiery one. Let me, here, I'll read it for you. I think I might have to censor it, but Gammie said,


Gammie, you cracked me up, I love you.


Gammie said, good morning kids.


This was this morning.


The bee, I'm not gonna say that, full word. The bee is awake. Watch out. Actually, I'm pretty worn out sore. I feel like I sat on a porcupine. I'm having a gluten-free muffin and some tea. I'm moving so there's that really tired now because I've been


up for hours. You guys behave or I will come whip your butt. Love you guys. Lots of business to talk


about so behave yourself don't make me come after you the grouch gangster.


I love you Gammy I'm glad you're still feisty so So thank you for the message. So for those of you who are wondering,


she's good. The gammy is good. She's up and kicking. So, oh, goodness. That's nice.


So there's that. One more before I get started. You remember you guys if you go to Honor Bound USA this is going to be a short most likely a short run so get it while it's there this is because of all this 100%


nonsense that these people are are doing but if you go over to honor bound


USA you know of course you have the featured


Praise Stand and Speak Act, you've got God's country, CD stuff.


So you can go over there and check it out.


And then, of course, we have the 100% shirt so go on over and check it out


we do also have the car giveaway we'll have some more gun giveaways coming up


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