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Firsts with Bill Hader

In Bed with Nick and Megan


Relationships, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 2 December 2019

⏱️ 82 minutes

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In the first episode of their instant classic podcast, Nick and Megan welcome Bill Hader to their bed to discuss firsts. They share stories about Bill's first big career breakthrough, first kisses and first jokes.

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Everybody loves and loves. I'm a lover. Everybody loves me anyhow. That's how I feel.


Wow. I feel just like a polyamor.


Welcome, everybody. Welcome millions and millions of listeners to the very first ever installment of the beloved Perennial favorite podcast in bed with Nick and Megan.


Starring Nick Offerman featuring Megan Malale and guest starring special guest time for tonight's very first episode.


The beautiful Bill Hader. Welcome Bill.


Wow. Thank you guys for letting me be in your bed. That's right. We are in we are literally sitting in Nick and my bed in our house in our bedroom in our house with the dogs downstairs and can you any snacks?


No, it's great. You're in our marriage bed. Yeah.


It's kind of creepy and kind of great. I want to hand some sound engineers are sitting on the floor. Yeah. Yeah. On a rug. Yeah. And they have these little booty things on their shoes, much like Mark Wahlberg at the end of the departed when he kills that damon.


So you guys kind of look like assassin. So we've set the scene. Yeah. I'll be the first person. I'm sure a lot of people will do this bit where they go, oh, Nick and Megan invited me into their bed. And I got really excited. And I didn't realize it was going to be in a podcast bummed out now.


Yeah. Sorry to let everybody be. That's going to be the, I'll just do that now before you know. What did you say about the NPR voice?


Yeah. They always are like square space. Like why do they have to find the nerdiest guy with the nerdiest voice? Like the guy in his office is like, you know, I can do it. No problem.


And then NPR is like, I think we're going to go with Derek and he's like, Oh, square one for Derek. I won. This is brought to you by nerd voice.


Does people have to have jobs? I know. I think it's reverse advertising psychology. They used to do the Superman voice. Yeah. So that the nerds would think, Oh, if I use square space, I'll be like Superman. Yeah.


And then they figured out that that was fallacious. Yeah. Oh, that guy sounds just like me. Maybe if I use square space, I can get on the radio. It's like, yes.


So let's back up. Let's put it in reverse for one minute because I think I should say, or we should say we should all say that this podcast, this podcast is going to be primarily Nick and Megan, right?


We are going to have guests such as the beautiful, wonderful Bill Hader on many of the episodes, not all. And we're going to talk about whatever we're dying while please, but we do have a topic that we will loosely base each episode around.


And we decided that for this episode, we should talk about first. So it's our first episode, first guest.


And I'll just real quick jump in and say the base on what you've said, the idea for the podcast was born from our book that we wrote together, which we recorded conversations for in this very bad.


So this is kind of along the same. I know Bill has read the book several times. I won't ask you to recap because it's late afternoon early evening.


And chapter nine.


The book is entitled the greatest love story ever told. And yes, we did talk the book.


Bill's giving birth.


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