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Fatshamed At the 9/11 Tribute Rager


Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 27 September 2023

⏱️ 92 minutes

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The girlies finally give the people what they’ve been begging for — an episode on fraternities and sororities. They investigate the fake Greek roots of the American phenomenon, the cost of sorority rush (both spiritual and financial), the dangers of Greek Life, and so much more. Digressions include a wealth of mailbox moments about your own cursed sorority experiences. We no longer host ads on Binchtopia thanks to the support of our patrons. To help make Binchtopia possible and to get access to bonus, mediasodes, zoom hangouts, and a community of binchies, head over to patreon.com/binchtopia.


How American Sororities Got Their Start

The American Fraternity

The Divine Nine: The history and impact of Black Greek letter organizations

A Brief History of Jewish Greek Life

‘I went through it so you should too’: Why Greek Life hazing won’t die

10 Sorority Hazing Horror Stories

I Let 3 Sorority Rush Consultants Read My Life for Filth

Parents pay me $3,500 to help their daughters get into a sorority.

It’s All Greek to Me

How Does Sorority Recruitment Work?

College Students Keep Dying Because of Fraternity Hazing. Why Is It So Hard to Stop?

Students accused of sexual misconduct say Title IX isn't working — and victims agree

The Hunting Ground: the failures of a new documentary about rape on college campuses.

Sexual Victimization Among Sorority Women by Amanda Hinkel

Bama Rush TikTok Is Exposing the Wild Money Behind College Greek Life

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When are you doing an episode on Bama Rush?


When are you doing an episode on sororities?


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