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EXCLUSIVE EVENT - 5 Coaching Tactics Used By the Most Effective Business Coaches

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

Business Made Simple

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🗓️ 13 November 2023

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Exciting news alert! To get results for your clients as a coach, delivering value in your coaching sessions is key. That’s why Donald Miller is hosting an exclusive livestream event this Friday (November 17, 2023) walking you through exactly how to do that no matter if you’re an aspiring or established coach. AND you can join us for this game-changing event for FREE! Just follow these three easy steps:

  • Pre-order Don's new book, Coach Builder

  • Submit your receipt number at CoachBuilderBook.com/Podcast

  • Automatically secure your spot for the November 17th event

Don’t miss out on this chance to join Don and learn how you can elevate your coaching game before the end of the year. Just pre-order Coach Builder before the November 17 event, submit your receipt number at CoachBuilderBook.com/Podcast, and finally feel relief knowing you’ll be growing your coaching business the right way. See you there!

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Hey, it's podcast producer Bobby Richards, and I'm jumping into the feed with a special


announcement about an exclusive event we have coming up this Friday, November


17th. Here at Business Made Simple, we know that if you are starting or even growing a coaching


business, there are two critically important things you have to know how to do to succeed.


Number one, you have to know how to sell your services and you have to


know how to conduct a great coaching session. If you want to come across as a pro, you


must get these two things right, which is why we're hosting a live


stream event this Friday November 17th to help you succeed with your coaching


business and guess what you can attend this event for free. Just pre-order Donald Miller's new book, Coach Builder, and the book is your ticket.


So pre-order Coach Builder wherever you buy books, enter your receipt number at Coach Builder Book.com


and you will be automatically registered for the November 17th event.


Do not miss out on this opportunity to become the great coach we know you're


destined to be. So pre-order Coach Builder wherever you buy books, submit your


receipt at coachbuilderbook.com slash podcast, and we will see you there.

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