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Errol Morris on ‘The Pigeon Tunnel’

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

The Ringer

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 4 November 2023

⏱️ 57 minutes

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Larry is joined by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris to discuss his new Apple TV+ documentary ‘The Pigeon Tunnel’ based on the memoir of the same by spy novelist John le Carre. They begin by talking about the origins of the project and how his current promotional tour is inspiring Morris to analyze his famous interview style. This leads to a discussion on the difference between interviewing and interrogating, the importance of active listening when engaging an audience, and how documentarians have to face the struggle between memory, truth, and reality when their trying to tell their stories (4:17). Next, they dive into the personal philosophy of the movie’s subject, the meaning behind the film's title, and Morris’s favorite parts of le Carre's original book (30:25). They end the pod by shining a light on the historic lessons Errol learned while making the film, the moral compass of it's subject, and modern society’s inability to accept the brutal truths of history (38:00). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Errol Morris Associate Producer: Chris Sutton Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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What would you do if you got scammed? Would you suffer in silence or would you do something about it?


Well I got scammed once and this is the story of what I did. I'm Justin Sales, the host of the wedding scammer, a true crime


podcast from the Ringer. And for seven episodes, we're hunting a common man. A guy


with a lot of aliases, a guy who's ruined a lot of weddings and with the help with some friends


I just might be able to catch him listen to the wedding scammer on Spotify or


wherever you get your podcasts Welcome back everybody.




So excited to have our guest here.


I mean, he's responsible for so much good stuff, good content out in the world.


Everything from the thin blue line, which you know go back and watch that by the way. you talk about things that hold up and


Fog of war so many things so much good stuff out there, but his latest


the pigeon tunnel's fascinating interview with David Cornwall, aka Jean Lacar, and it is now streaming on Apple Plus and it is really very, very like all of his work. Very intriguing.


Errol Morris, welcome to Black on the air. Thank you for being here, sir.


Thank you for having me on the air.


Such an interesting subject. It was almost a non-secretary. I was like, wait, John the car, who's what did this come from? You know, when I saw that you know that this thing now exists in the world that somebody's talking to


Jean Lacare how did this come about? Sorry to be a bed and here but it's Jean


Carrey. Oh Jean Lacare because I've heard different pronunciations of it.


I wasn't sure.


Oh, he has an accent on the E.


Yes, exactly.


Jean le Carrey.


Well, it's a made-up name anyway, so.


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