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Episode 98 - Hogball Goes Professional

Beef And Dairy Network

Beef And Dairy Network

Maximumfun, Dairy, Partridge, Comedy, Ben, Beef

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🗓️ 18 June 2023

⏱️ 56 minutes

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John Luke Roberts, Miles Jupp and Greig Johnson join in this month as we hear about the launch of the new professional Hogball league, the HBL. Stock media provided by Setuniman/Pond5.com and Soundrangers/Pond5.com

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Hello, stick around to the end of the show because I have news of our next upcoming live show.


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Now, if you are a regular listener to the podcast, you may remember that two years ago we spoke to former Bovine Dressars champion,


turned sports entrepreneur William Hester about his plans to professionalise the traditional English folk sport of Hog Ball in association with Hyundai.


A simple game, which doesn't actually feature a ball, in which two teams of five on Cowback, run-eaching jousting lances, compete to chase a pig into a hole,


it began in the early medieval period as a sport where two teams of local common folk would chase a witch into a pit.


In fact, what many people don't realise is that almost all modern sports began in a similar way.


For example, the modern Olympic kept Tathlon, grew out of a traditional Mayday event, in which competitors had to act run a witch, jump over a witch, throw a witch,


and then run 100 metres while jumping over 10 evenly spaced witches.


William believed that with the right amount of investment, the modern sport of Hog Ball in association with Hyundai could rival the popularity of football's premier league.


And just two years later, I am pleased to report that with huge injections of money from his major sponsors, Korean Karjai and Hyundai and the actor David Decovney, Hester has made his dream a reality.


In fact, Hyundai signed the biggest sponsorship deal of all time, and in return for their investment, every time the word Hog Ball in association with Hyundai is said in public media, it is followed by the following piece of audio.


In association with Hyundai.




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