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Episode 75 - Live At The Great British Cattle Bazaar

Beef And Dairy Network

Beef And Dairy Network

Maximumfun, Dairy, Partridge, Comedy, Ben, Beef

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🗓️ 20 September 2021

⏱️ 43 minutes

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Highlights from our recent live show at the Great British Cattle Bazaar featuring Mike Wozniak, Henry Paker, Nadia Kamil, Sammy Graham and Dave Cribb.

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Hello and welcome to the Beef and Dairy Network podcast, the number one podcast for those


involved, or just interested in the production of beef animals and dairy herds.


This edition of the podcast is a very special one as it's being recorded in front of a


live audience. Here at the annual Great British cattle bazaar, the world's largest


livestock sale. On this one weekend alone over 40,000 cattle will be sold to the highest


bidders. And it's not just meat beasts, over 200 million litres of sperm were sold in this


very room only this morning. You can feel it in the air, can't you? Hello, this


man's episode is edited highlights of a live show we did recently at the Great British


cattle bazaar. If you'd rather watch the whole show, the recording of the live stream is


still available to watch until the 3rd of October at a price of £9.50. I will put the link


to that in the show description. Our first guest was Bovine Arsvet, Bob Truscothic. Please


welcome Bovine Arsvet, Bob Truscothic. Thank you. Thank you. Bob, thank you so much for


coming to speak to us. How are things with you? Last time we spoke things weren't going


so well, you'd been struck off. We cover this, you can't be struck off if you've never


been struck on. We did cover this. You were living eventually, for some reason, on an


oil rig in the North Sea. Yeah, but an abandoned oil rig. So it was roomy, lots of facilities.


Some of the vending machines were still working. Yeah, but I've managed to make it back to


dry land. Now, thanks to some fair winds and a life raft, I've finally managed to fashion


out of some deadmints clothing, essentially, and that worked quite nicely. So things are


very much on the up. You're here in the bazaar, but you're not really meant to be here.


Well, no, I think I've meant to be here as much as anyone. Really, I've been the official


vet of the bazaar for the last 20 years. Part of the furniture, really, I would say.


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