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Episode 70 - Hogball

Beef And Dairy Network

Beef And Dairy Network

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🗓️ 19 April 2021

⏱️ 29 minutes

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Miles Jupp, Mike Wozniak and Greig Johnson join in for this episode in which we hear about William Hester’s plan to popularize the traditional English sport of hogball.

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In this month's episode, we're talking to William Hester about his latest sports venture.


Hello, my name is William Hester, former dressage rider, and now a leading sports entrepreneur.


Last time we spoke to him, it was shortly before the 2016 Rio Olympics, where he was running a campaign to let cows compete.


Indeed, he himself wanted to compete in the dressage event, riding on his cow, Deborah.


Subsequent to that episode, William's campaign was unsuccessful, and he was barred from competing on his cow.


Many listeners will remember the news coverage of what he did in response, camping out outside the arena in which the Olympic dressage medal ceremony was taking place,


and then firing up a very powerful muck spreader, pelting the spectators with wave after and relenting wave of hot, frothy liquid cow shite.


I asked William why he did that.


I couldn't really see another way, and so it was, yeah, I fired up the muck spreader, and I made my position clear calmly, I felt, but authoritatively.


Do you have any regrets about what you did?


I still firmly believe that was the right way to go about it.


I could, however, have, you know, met them halfway.


I could have asked perhaps the man on the Tanoi immediately prior to me going in with the muck spread.


I didn't want him to tell people what I was going to do, because the element of surprise is so important when you're staging these sorts of protests, but to say something calmly along the lines.


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