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Episode 64 - Goodbye Bimpsie

Beef And Dairy Network

Beef And Dairy Network

Maximumfun, Dairy, Partridge, Comedy, Ben, Beef

4.92.4K Ratings

🗓️ 19 October 2020

⏱️ 56 minutes

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Natasha Hodgson, Henry Widdicombe, Tom Crowley, Mike Wozniak, Lucy Farrett, Tim Bick and Hal Lublin join us as we say goodbye to Bimpsie.

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Hello. Before we start this episode properly, I just want to address something that many of you have been in touch about in recent weeks and months.


A few episodes ago, we introduced a co-host on the podcast, a pink children's character called Bimpsi.


And I'm joined today by my new co-host, Bimpsi. Hello, Bimpsi.




Bimpsi hasn't appeared on the podcast since, and many of you have been in contact to ask where she is.


Here's a random selection of some of the correspondence we've received.


This first one, a dear beef and dairy network, where has Bimpsi gone?


She was so accomplished in that first episode, she rather outshone the regular host who I find to be quite smug and then it goes on.


This one, dear beef and dairy network, Bimpsi appearing on the show gave me the confidence to leave my husband and fulfill my lifetime dream of opening a shop selling wicker furniture.


Not quite sure how Bimpsi helped with that, but giving her a picture and just one more.


And this one is just full of hot gravy!




Bimpsi was the creation of a PR company, handcatch PR, that we engaged to try and help us raise our listenership in the face of financial difficulties.


It is now a public knowledge that because of some financial mismanagement by our former accountant, Donek Bumron, we now have a significant debt in euros to the Estonian government and in grain to the actor Ted Danson.


It is our contention that this strategy of bringing Bimpsi on board hasn't worked and I wish to make it very clear what the network's decision is about the future of Bimpsi as a character and I'm going to ring Melanie from handcatch PR and tell her now.


Hello Melanie, handcatch, handcatch PR.


Hi Melanie, beef and dairy network here.


Hello, how things going, nice to hear from you, been a while, but...


Yes, it's been a while.


Look, I'm not going to beat around the bush here. We've here at HQ, we've been talking about Bimpsi.


Oh, I mean, who hasn't? She's been on everyone's minds, on everyone's feet, on everyone's lips.


Actually, now you say that's... We actually actually have some good news for you.


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