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Episode 5: Amid darkness, a blessing | The Mark Kilroy story


The Drag Audio Production House

True Crime

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🗓️ 15 November 2022

⏱️ 51 minutes

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Law enforcement officers close in on the cult leaders in Mexico City as fear spreads in the communities along the border. As they learn all of the horrible details of the cult’s activities, they turn to their religious faith and to superstition. Thousands gather to celebrate the life of Mark Kilroy, a college student who was so much more than just a headline in a story about a missing person.

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You're listening to the drag.


That's the sound of an egg rubbing all around my body.


My dad's the one with the egg.


Yeah, he's rubbing an actual store-bought, refrigerated egg all over my body,


going from the tip of my toes to the very top of my head.


My dad is performing what my family calls a gura, which is a type of spiritual cleansing or limpia.


I've been getting limpias ever since I learned how to say the word.


This little egg is tasked with a big job.


It's supposed to absorb all the negative energy that's ever been afflicted on me.


Or at least that's what my dad says.


He moves pretty quickly with the egg.


He goes up and down, side to side.


He kind of looks like an artist, making sure to paint every corner of a canvas.


He's channeled all his energy and good spirit into this tiny object that he says will protect me from bad vibes.


So he's pretty focused.


He's reciting a prayer in Spanish, asking God to protect me from any evils that may come my way.


After about three minutes, the cleansing is done and every bad intention, by energy or even thought is trapped inside this egg.


He takes it to a glass of water and then cracks the egg in the water.


He brings the concoction of egg and water up to the light to get a better view of the way the yolk and egg whites float.


He's trying to see if the egg absorbed anything negative.


Kind of like a scientist looking at a solution in a beaker.


He's been doing this for decades so he knows Oho or another name for bad vibes when he sees it.


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