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Ep 98: 23 Minutes of Murder

All Crime No Cattle

All Crime No Cattle

History, True Crime

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🗓️ 27 August 2022

⏱️ 69 minutes

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In July of 1982, engaged couple Billy Staton and Leticia Castro, both 26, went missing in La Feria, Texas. It took a Texas Ranger, a private detective, and 23 minutes of audio to solve the case.

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Hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of All Crime No Cattle, a Texas True Crime




I am Shay.


And I, Marin.


And there's been a lot going on in Texas.


We've had droughts, floods, wildfires.


A lot's happened this month, and I hope everybody's doing okay, especially in Dallas and


Fort Worth, where they had some really huge, dangerous floods happen.


Hopefully you're all safe, and we're here to bring you another episode of this show


that I'm pretty excited about.


Aaron has told me it's unique.


So I'm interested to see how unique it is and in what way.


So we'll see.


Yeah, it is a really unique case.


Something happens in this case that I don't think we've ever seen before on this show.


And I mean, it's just in general a very unique circumstance.


But first, before we get to that, let's begin with our sources.


First up is the investigation discovery channel show The Devil Speaks.


The episode on this case is episode one of season two entitled Evil in East Texas.


There's also a short segment on the TV show The New Detectives.


The episode is called Texas Rangers from season four, episode 11.


This case was also covered in the newspapers at the time, with almost all coverage coming


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