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Ep. 9: Ghosts of New York City ft. Ana Fabrega & Tom Delgado

Drifting Off with Joe Pera

Joe Pera

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🗓️ 9 October 2023

⏱️ 27 minutes

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Tom Delgado (NYC Tour Guide & Joe's old roommate) shares some spooky stories from New York City's history. Plus Ana Fabrega (Los Espookys) talks about home invasion.

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Happy Halloween!

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I brought my recorder on a walk by the evening, hoping to get you the sound of footsteps crunching leaves.


But the city hit 80 degrees this week, so you'll instead hear the occasional air conditioner.


It was pleasant out though, and you could see through the windows that the Seahawks Giant's game was on more than a few TVs.


One house was watching an episode of the show's suits.


I won't be trick-or-treating, but if I were a kid, I would skip that one, because they will probably be giving out something boring or weird.


There are some early Halloween decorations, and if you can't tell, I'm pointing the microphone directly at them as I go by, and I am going by.


I know what I said suggests I could be just standing and staring in windows, but I would never do that.


I was surprised, though, especially after I called my friend Anna Fabrego, who made the show loads of spookies to talk about scary stuff, and she told me that more than anything else intruders were what she was afraid of.


I was scared of people breaking in.


From a really young age, I was always afraid of intruders of some type.


I remember being in middle school at night, we had windows in the house, and when it would get dark, and I couldn't see out anymore, beyond just whatever was illuminated by the house lights, I would get scared.


Sometimes, if I was by myself, there was somebody home, but they were in a different part of the house.


I would stand in the kitchen, and I would grab a knife, and I would just stand there.


It's like ready for someone to break in, but yeah, I was more afraid of a person than a spirit.


That's so funny, the image of you standing in the kitchen with a knife.


Do you think, as a child, you had it in you to kill an intruder?


I don't know. I didn't know that the thing was like, well, I thought someone would come in, and I would stab something like 11.


And your house was never actually broken in two, was it?


No, I don't know where this fear came from.


Maybe it's from watching too many scary things as a kid, because I really love watching horror and suspense thrillers.


And I think the flip side of that was that then it made me very paranoid that I would wind up in one of those situations.


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