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Ep. 7: From Books 'Round My Desk

Drifting Off with Joe Pera

Joe Pera

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🗓️ 7 August 2023

⏱️ 25 minutes

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Tonight's episode comes from some of the books and articles sitting around my desk. It's simple but I hope in a good way, like cheese and crackers.

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Music by Ryan Dann. 

Produced by Grant Farsi for Chestnut Walnut 

In this episode subject matter ranges from interior design, angels, blueberries, and Apollo 11

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Hello, I will be honest, kind of ran into a wall this month.


I spent a tough day in the flow while finishing tour and the special. By the time


came to do the podcast this month, I had nothing left in the tank. When guest


composer, Kareem Awakers, sent me some initial pieces of score I dispared. They


were so beautiful and gave me ideas I couldn't adequately follow through on


the amount of time we had. So, we will do an incredible episode about local music


stores next month. And for this month, that's it. Good night.


All right, sorry to joke. You got to get to sleep, so I've got another idea. Since I


did the original sleep special, I've received the number of comments along the lines of,


I could listen to you read the menu. Pretty much anything. So this month, let's put that


to the test. In addition to the many tomato and eggnacks I received on tour, I keep


a lot of books and articles around in my basement. I should probably get rid of them. When


my attention starts to wane while writing, I figure it's better to poke around some


book than the internet. In a creative rut, I will occasionally turn to poetry, but more


likely, I'm opening up the world encyclopedia of fruit to see where lines come from. I turn


to the citrus section and it says, India. Attempts were made to grow them in Mediterranean


countries, but they proved insufficiently hardy. They do very well in Egypt, however, where


they are more plentiful than lemons. Jack keep going. It continues. There are basically


three types of lime. Tahitian, large limes with pale, fine-grained pulp and a very acidic


flavor. Mexican, a smaller fruit with bright green skin and very aromatic flavor. Key lime,


pale yellowish green fruit, very juicy with a strong sharp flavor. And kefir limes, which


are not true limes. Kefir limes are not even, but the finely-grated rind is used in Southeast


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