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Ep 64: Thicker Than Water

All Crime No Cattle

All Crime No Cattle

History, True Crime

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🗓️ 20 December 2019

⏱️ 80 minutes

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This week Erin presents the tale of the Catt family and a mysterious series of bank robberies near Katy Texas in 2012. Interestingly, this story has ties to other states and other crimes. So strap in and get ready for this wild tale that sounds like it could be the plot of a made for TV movie.

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And always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all!

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Well, hello everyone. Welcome back to All Crime No Cattle. This is episode 64 and we're


ready to get this bad boy on the road. We're almost to the end of the year. I am Detective


Shay Butter. And across from me is the bone lady.


Erin, thank you. Hi. Yeah, I'm personally very excited for 2019 to be ending and that's


because if you follow this podcast at all, you know that we have been under serious constraints,


this whole entire year dealing with all sorts of just sicknesses and weird infections. And


then we had like food poisoning and cold and all of this weird stuff. And unfortunately,


right at the end of the year, Shay got diagnosed with a particularly serious medical problem.


Yeah, it's called diverticulitis. Basically what it is is I have a horrible, terrible infection.


In his gut. In my guts. And there's a big baseball size abscess down there. It's not comfortable.


It's very painful. And I thought I was doing better and then I had a relapse and I didn't get


better. And now I'm working with my doctors. I have a colorectal surgeon waiting in the wings to


come in and slice me up if there's an emergency and cut out a chunk of my colon. So that's a whole


thing. And we're here. We're still doing the show. Love you guys. That's the situation.


Yes. So obviously that's an explanation as to why we've been a little here and there these last


few weeks or months. But that also means that this is going to be the final full episode of the year.


We are going to be putting out a little mini episode kind of like an anniversary special next week.


And after that, we're going to be going on break until probably mid January somewhere in there.


Shay's going to have his appointments with his doctors and we're going to get that sorted out.


But we will be back in January. We're just the break is going to be a little bit longer than we


kind of anticipated because unfortunately we'd Shay's guts are they messed up. Yeah. Hopefully we'll


all be getting better and during that time we can do some research and start working on next


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