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Ep 54: Hit and Run, the Brian Deneke Story

All Crime No Cattle

All Crime No Cattle

History, True Crime

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🗓️ 15 June 2019

⏱️ 71 minutes

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This week we delve into a turf war between jocks and punk teens in Amarillo that ultimately resulted in the death of a nineteen year old. We discuss whether the punishment fits the crime as well as how important image can be during a murder trial. In Good News Erin brings us a compelling story of Texan survival.

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And always remember: crime is bigger in Texas, y'all!

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Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of All Crime No Cattle.


I'm Aaron.


And I am Shay.


And we have a punk rock episode for you today.


We hope that everyone has been okay since our last episode.


We actually came down with some food poisoning, so that was fun for a couple days.


It's just, oh, it's been a hard time these past few weeks, man.


Now we have to find a new favorite pizza place.


That's true.


We had this wonderful place that we loved going to is a little family place and now it's


ruined for us.


It almost killed us.


But you know what I always said pizza would be the death of me, so.


That's kind of porn yet.


All right.


Well, what do we have on the docket for today?


Well, today is going to be something different.


We've covered a pretty wide range of cases on this show so far.


And this week we will be discussing a mix of things that we've touched on and a few


that are a little bit unique.


One of the first similarities we have in this case, Texas back to a familiar town that


we covered way back in episode 37.


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