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Empowering Women Through Wellness: A Conversation with Lo Bosworth on Gut Health, Self-Care and Hormones

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

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🗓️ 31 October 2023

⏱️ 40 minutes

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Join us for a conversation with Lo Bosworth as she takes us on her inspiring journey from being a reality TV star of Laguna Beach and The Hills to becoming the founder of Love Wellness, a brand dedicated to empowering women's health. Lo shares her personal experiences with gut health issues, the importance of the gut microbiome, and how it impacts overall wellbeing and women's health. Throughout the conversation, Lo emphasizes the significance of self-care and wellness habits in her own life, highlighting the crucial role of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. She also discusses her personal journey of self-discovery, offering advice to listeners navigating their own paths in their twenties and beyond. Don't miss this episode filled with valuable insights and empowering perspectives on women's wellness as Lo Bosworth shares her expertise, passion, and commitment to creating a healthier, happier future for women everywhere.

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Hey, I'm Molly Sims. And I'm Emma Shagormley. We are two best friends with one common obsession.


Beauty. And by that, we mean everything that makes you look and feel beautiful.


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Hi, it's Mariana. I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays and this is the Life with Mariana podcast.


I'm so excited for this episode because it is with low boss worth.


I am a millennial and I am somebody who grew up watching low on TV.


And over the years, I've got to know low and see her and we are now working in similar


enough industries that I see her at different beauty events. I saw her last year when I was in New


York. And I'm so excited to call her up here because she is so smart.


The products that she has come up with, the brand that she has built. I am a customer and


user of so many things from love wellness. You will learn so much from low about the importance of


gut health, fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, things you can be incorporating to your routine and how


she built this incredible business. And before we get into the episode, I just want to let you


guys know that the Sephora sale is happening right now and this is a great time to stock up on


skincare products, holiday sets, and all the things. I asked on Instagram the other day about


what skincare concerns you guys were looking for, products you were looking for, and one of the top


things that so many people ask for, they were like, I need a moisturizer. My skin is transitioning,


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