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Embracing Glitches on the Path of Manifestation

MANIFEST with Sarah Prout

Sarah Prout

Education, Spirituality, Religion & Spirituality, Self-improvement

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🗓️ 6 July 2023

⏱️ 22 minutes

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Apparent failure in our manifesting adventures happens when we’re not truly open to all possibilities. So here are 3 key reasons why apparent failure is a test from the Universe… Get the Dear Universe journal: http://DearUniverse.com SPONSOR: Go to AirDoctorPro.com and use promo code MANIFEST and, depending on the model, you’ll receive UP TO 39% off or UP TO $300 off! Lock in this special offer by going to A-I-R-D-O-C-T-O-R-P-R-O dot com and use promo code MANIFEST. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Hello there and welcome to another episode of the Manifest Podcast. Today's


episode is on how a parent failure often appears before success and I have


recorded so many episodes on this topic, on this theme in various different


ways and each time that I recorded it tends to land a little differently and so


today's focus is really on how embracing the glitches on the path to


manifestation are really what is the key difference between allowing life to


happen for you rather than holding the belief which is often a limiting


belief that life is happening to you and just to give you a little snapshot


personal insight into my life right now I believe I mentioned that I think it


was only it was only last month that feels like June was the longest month that


I've ever had and it was only last month that we moved from Florida to


travel to Vegas to stay here for a little while because we put all of our


stuff in storage and decided to go nomadic and what that has given us is this


opportunity to manage and balance very contrasting and different energies. Some


of this can actually be quite disconcerting so it's like Sean and I my


husband and I have been operating outside of our comfort zones and what some


would appear as a failure because we're not consistent with some of the things


that we usually do to run the ship and keep things moving forward have


actually been unique opportunities and so what you could deem as failure for


instance isn't right so one of the things that right now as an example is


that I'm recording a podcast in this huge walk-in closet in area B&B because


this is the quietest place in our house. Now when I started podcasting five


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