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Embodied Theology – Live from Kerygma ‘24

Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology


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🗓️ 6 May 2024

⏱️ 57 minutes

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Today’s conversation on Back Porch Theology is a really special one and it’s especially rowdy too because it took place just a little over a week ago at The Kerygma Summit here in Franklin, TN where almost 1,500 women from across the country – as well as some other countries, I got to meet a lovely backporcher from Tanzania – gathered together to learn more about God and His Word. The teaching team at Kerygma this year was a veritable Who’s Who of Bible scholars, seminary professors and theologians including some of the engaging and enlightening friends we’ve previously connected with on the porch like Dr. Craig Keener and Dr. Scot McKnight. Brooke Ligertwood led worship all weekend, and y’all I can’t wrap words around what happened when she ushered us toward the throne room of Jesus on Friday night, except to say it felt almost transcendent. God’s Spirit revealed Himself to us in a way that left a redemptive mark on my heart, which I hope never fades. You know those moments in time when God effectively wipes the blurred glass that Apostle Paul says exists between us and Glory in a way that allows us to see Him more clearly? He made His presence so accessible this weekend, I’m still in kind of a discombobulated fog of wonder and gratitude. In retrospect, I should have taken off my shoes because it was just that holy. Well anyway, this conversation took place during the course of Kerygma, so I need to warn you that there’s a lot more ambient sound than usual because we were smack dab in the middle of a giant family of faith instead of a controlled studio environment. And I also want you to know that we delved into sensitive subject matter because I explained in detail about how God used a community of believers to save my life when I wasn’t sure I could keep living it. Which means some of the moments we’ll share today are too mature for little ears, therefore I encourage you to wait until after you’ve dropped the kids off at school to join us. That being said, please bring your Bible and a big cup of coffee – unless you’re up to your elbows in suds because that darling Doodle tangled with a skunk again - and come hang out on the porch with us! Save 10% at BetterHelp.com/LisaHarper The Joy of the Trinity is available wherever you buy books. Every girl deserves a faith-filled adventure click here for the NIV Kingdom Girls Bible Save 10% at BetterHelp.com/LisaHarper

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Today's conversational back porch theology is a really special one to us and it's


especially rowdy too because it took place just a little over a week ago at the


Karigma Summit here in Franklin, Tennessee, almost 1,500 women from across the country, as well


as some other countries.


I got to meet a lovely backportia from Tanzania.


Anyway, we all gathered together to learn more about God and His Word.


The teaching team at Karigma this year was a veritable who's who of Bible scholars,


seminary profts, and theologians, including some of the engaging and enlightening friends


we've previously connected with here on the porch


like Dr Craig Keener and Dr Scott McNight,


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