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El pueblo de Guernica - Coffee Break Spanish Travel Diaries Episode 2

Coffee Break Spanish

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🗓️ 3 September 2020

⏱️ 33 minutes

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Are you ready for the next stop on Victoria and Abel's honeymoon adventure in the north of Spain? In this week's episode, we're in the town of Guernica doing some sightseeing before making our way to Bilbao to sample some tasty Spanish dishes! Of course, Mark and Anabel discuss the language used in Victoria's diary entry, including the phrase antes de que and the construction ir a + an infinitive. We also hear some useful pronunciation tips along the way!

Travel Diaries will be published in one season of ten episodes weekly from 27th August. If you’d like to access lesson notes and a video version which features pauses after each sentence to allow you to practise your pronunciation, check out the full course on the Coffee Break Academy.

At Coffee Break Spanish we provide content for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, along with regular mini lessons on social media. Visit coffeebreakspanish.com for all the information you need to build your confidence in Spanish, whatever your level.

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This is Mark from Coffee Break. This episode is brought to you in conjunction with Tenerife


Tourism Corporation, a destination that awakens emotions. If you'd like to practice your


Spanish while enjoying an outdoor adventure, Tenerife or La Isla de Tenerife should be


your next destination, with nine golf courses, hiking and walking trails, windsurfing, paragliding


and diving all year round. Emersh yourself in sports. Emersh yourself in Tenerife.


Coffee Break Spanish travel diaries, season one, episode two.


Hola y bienvenidos a Coffee Break Spanish, yo soy Mark.


Hola y yo soy Ábel. ¿Qué tal? ¿Cómo estás, Mark?


Yo estoy súper bien y tú ¿Qué tal?


Yo bien, bastante bien y con muchas ganas de este nuevo episodio.


Si, pues estamos hoy hablando de un pueblo, un lugar muy interesante y muy histórico también


con mucha historia.


You're listening, of course, to the Coffee Break Spanish travel diaries and these are a set


of ten episodes that we are releasing while it's not quite as straightforward to travel in


real life. But we're doing some virtual travel with our friends who are on honeymoon, that's


the big story, and Ável, they're on honeymoon through the north of Spain. Last episode,


they were in San Sebastián and then they headed from there to Gernica and today we're going


to find out more about Gernica. Now, as usual, we're going to be listening to the episode,


we're going to be listening to the text and then afterwards we'll talk about that text


and really get into the details of the text because there's lots and lots of interesting


vocabulary in this episode.


Respect that, Ável.


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