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Eddie George, NFL Draft Recap, And Monday Reading - The Definition Of Cheugy

Pardon My Take

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🗓️ 3 May 2021

⏱️ 120 minutes

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The NFL Draft is complete and we recap with grades, stories, and Belichick's new language that he invented (2:59 - 31:04). Kentucky Derby and Aaron Rodgers looks like he's wilting away (31:04 - 37:33). Who's back of the week including Manchester United fans storming the pitch (37:33 - 55:36). Awesome interview with Heisman trophy winner Eddie George about his new coaching gig, winning the Heisman, doghouses, Jeff Fisher and more (55:36 - 93:40). We finish with Monday Reading from the NY Times on the definition of Cheugy.

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Hey part my take listeners you can find every episode on Apple podcasts Spotify or YouTube prime members can listen ad free on Amazon music on today's part in my take


the NFL draft is complete we recap all of it grade the grades I'm excited because I found a grading of the grades really well no it's a


Raiders F it's what everyone would if you if you took all the mock drafts, you know what fuck it


We'll just talk about it a second. It's very confusing but not confusing at all


It also means absolutely nothing correct, but that's the best part about grading the drafts


We have that we are toxam Kentucky Derby shout out our guy Randy Moss


We have an awesome awesome interview with Eddie George and then we have a great Monday reading pack show for everyone


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