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Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris

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🗓️ 6 December 2023

⏱️ 44 minutes

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Dylan O’Brien [Teen Wolf, The Maze Runner, Love and Monsters, The Outfit] guests in this flashback episode of Unqualified. Dylan talks with Anna about getting fired from his first job, getting into acting, early crushes, his dealbreakers and a lot more.

Today’s first caller is Melanie, who after a personally difficult year, felt that one of her closest friends wasn’t there for her. Now she’s wondering if expressing her feelings would help mend or further hurt their relationship. Next up is Michelle, whose truck driving husband is convinced that she’s cheating on him, leaving Michelle questioning the strength of their marriage.

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Hey everyone you know the guest of today's flashback episode from Teen Wolf, the Maze Runner, and a lot more. Here's Dylan O'Brien.


Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to Unqualified with your host, Honor Ferris. Dylan if acting were suddenly outlawed how would you make money?


I think about that all the time because I always say like I would be so bad in any type of conventional like


workspace. You know it's funny and this isn't even a conventional


workspace but I was an assistant once when I was 18 and I was like auditioning and I


hadn't gotten like a part yet but one of my roommates who was pursuing music


was working as an assistant for like a producer,


you know, and like a pretty good producer, like I think he had like Katie Perry in the studio at the time or something,


and he needed me to like fill in for him for a couple days.


So I went to be the assistant for two days and I got sent home after an hour with 40 bucks in my hand.


No way. Which also was like I got 40 bucks for an hour like I did such a terrible job I was so overwhelmed immediately when I walked in I mean like I was like is there anything I need to know and like do you want to go in there day before and you show me some stuff and he's like


dude it's so easy don't even worry about it and sure enough like I walk in and I was


expected to just be like boom boom boom boom and I freaked out and like couldn't


handle anything and they like sent me all.


Was it like the printer needs to be refilled or like here's the coffee order?


I remember it exactly to a tee. It was like the dog needs to be walked, the breakfast sandwiches need to be ordered,


the coffee needs to be made, and it was like a crazy espresso machine.


Again, would have really been helpful to go in the day before and be taught how to use the machine, you know, and


shown where the like list of morning shit is and like the fucking breakfast


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