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Drifting Off: Live from the Brooklyn Opera House [PATREON SHOP PREVIEW]

Drifting Off with Joe Pera

Joe Pera

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🗓️ 22 April 2024

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Hello Drifters,

It’s Joe, with a note for the Spring.

I hope your April has been good and that you’ve got your garden plotted out. If not, there’s still time and I am glad for that because personally, I’m not sure what to do with the special bean seeds I received from some nice people at my show in Kalamazoo.

For a stretch in Spring ’22, I was ending tour shows by tossing out seed packets while Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ played loudly - comedy doesn’t have to be complicated.

The seeds I received were the same seeds I had tossed out last time I performed in Southwest Michigan, just two generations of beans later. Pretty cool. And though I am excited to plant them, I am not sure where.

While I was on the road last month, my basement flooded for the 4th time since I’ve moved in, this time from the water heater bursting. And February, before I left, there was also a leak behind the bathroom wall so I think it’s time to move out when my lease expires in July and find a new basement or even an upstairs office! The tricky part is that it’s right in the middle of growing season - perhaps I will put them in pots I can move with me.

I talked about the bathroom leak a bit during the end of the Drifting Off Live show, which now feels even more like a suitable finale to Season 1 of the podcast than it did at the time. The basement days are coming to a close and we’ll find a new podcast hole, one with character and quiet but ideally, a little less water.

In the meanwhile, Ryan just finished editing the live show “Drifting Off: Live at the Brooklyn Opera House and I’m excited to share it with you:


It’s got new material from me, sections from the podcast performed live, and some sleep pieces from friends, all accompanied by the band, Hour and Ryan Dann.

In order to avoid making a mess by unpausing and repausing the patreon, we just made it available on the patreon shop. It’s set as the same price as the lowest tier ($3).

Here are just a couple notes:

-It blends the energy of the regular sleep podcast with the that of a live comedy show. There are parts you may doze off at, especially the ending, but there’s also audience laughter throughout, just so you are aware.

-Roger Clark’s bit from the show is not in this release - we’ll release it eventually but for a few reasons, we are keeping it in the archives for a bit.

-If you decide to buy, doing it on your computer and listening online or on the Patreon app will save you some money. Apple takes 30% from the store on iPhones so it automatically raises the price (the joys of tech monopolies, you know?). It is probably more convenient, just wanted to let you know in case you enjoy being thrifty like me.

-It’s a great show. I genuinely enjoyed re-listening to the recording and felt good and calm by the end. It’s a nice conclusion to Season 1 of the show.

And that’s the deal with the release. Til we get to next season, we’ll occasionally share some stuff in here and Ryan’s putting out his own adjacent but different podcast as well:


I’m listening to Hour’s new album while writing:


If you’re looking for a watch in the same vein, I thoroughly enjoyed the film ‘Fallen Leaves’ and I can’t say enough about ‘Bread Factory Parts 1 & 2’ if you’re feeling adventurous.


Joe (& Ryan & Grant)

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He got also love that the venue is attached to the Catholic Church.


One step closer to my dream of one day talking the Pope himself to sleep. The Pope's got an exorcist, Russell Croix,


2023. Why can't he also have a bedtime monologist?


One day I hope an envoy from the Vatican will show up at my door and tell me that the Pope needs some rest and nothing else will work.


I'll see what I can do I'll say, but if this goes well I'm going to need a papal title of nobility, 3,000 acres in the Tuskin countryside,


and all of my sins to be forgiven.

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