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Double Soul Shaman w/ Josh Potter & Will Blunderfield | Your Mom's House Ep. 750

Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Tom Segura

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🗓️ 13 March 2024

⏱️ 124 minutes

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SPONSORS: - Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Instacart by going to https://coorslight.com/YMH - Don’t miss out on all the action this week at DraftKings! Download the DraftKings app today! Sign-up using https://dkng.co/mom or through my promo code MOM. - Download the Gametime app, create an account, and use code YMH for $20 off your first purchase. - Go to https://Saatva.com/theshit to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice. This week on Your Mom's House Podcast we've got another airtight episode as Tom Segura and Christina P welcome two guests! First up we have the Double Soul Shaman himself, Will Blunderfield, followed by longtime YMH favorite, the great and powerful, Josh Potter. Before welcoming the guests, Christine and Tim open the show with a freakout at a nail salon, talk about Tom's dad eyes, the black plague, and discuss spending time at the mall. They also check out clips featuring a messed up foot, a man chugging tequila, and the greatest laugh ever. Next, Will Blunderfield joins Christina and Tom to talk all about naked yoga and the benefits of consuming genetic material. Will talks about his background, his singing career, Canadian Idol, gay frogs, before presenting a special gift to Christina to use on her own pleasure palace. Tom and Christina ask tons of questions and learn a thing or two about urine therapy and knocking the o'l bean bag around from the certified sex kung fu instructor himself. After Will slips away, the Roach scurries in and he's got a brand new show coming to YMH Studios! Starting tonight, Josh Potter will be hosting Behind The Jeans, a weekly livestream recap show where he'll cover and dissect everything going on in the YMH universe. Tom and Christina also catch-up with Potter's love life, get an update on The King, introduce him to Tony P and some dumb tourists, plus dive into a barrel of Christina's Curations! Try it out! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Really? So I wanted to see if I could put my


into a recipe in a really yummy way.


You do your breath of fire, for example.


Feel your anus, feel your third eye.




Squeeze that. feel your third eye, inhale, squeeze that beautiful anal ring. I think it's horrible.


That is a perfect...


My own TikToks bum me out.


Their own TikToks bothered you.


When you're bummed out is when I buy your own stuff


that's how you wrap up a show.


Well, welcome.


Welcome to your mom's house. and getting ripped off by overpriced wireless providers, if we've learned anything


is that there's always a catch.


So when I heard that Mint Mobile Wireless plans are $15 a month when you purchase a three month plan.


I thought, what's the catch?


But after talking to them, it all made sense.


There isn't one.


Mint Mobile's secret sauce is that they sell wireless service online.


They cut out the cost of retail stores and pass those sweet savings directly to you.


Just ask our very own Josh Zolo, whose entire wireless production facility plan lifestyle,


has been completely revamped and overwhelmed by Mint Mobile's savings.


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