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Craig Kilborn, Football Is Back + Mt Rushmore Of Ways To Say Goodbye

Pardon My Take

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🗓️ 29 July 2022

⏱️ 104 minutes

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Football is back and we have training camp to talk about. Kyler’s insult contract plus Russ Wilson is more and more a robot every day. (00:02:23-00:19:55) Mt Rushmore of ways to say goodbye. (00:21:04-00:41:15) Craig Kilborn joins the show to talk about his new podcast, his career in sports and late night television and all time Clint Eastwood story. (00:42:08-01:23:54) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:25:19-01:40:46)

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Hey, part of my take listeners. You can find every episode on Apple podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon music.


On today's part of my take, we have Craig Kilborn on the show. He's got a new podcast out.


Great interview with him. We're going to talk a little training camp, football is back.


We have the Mount Rushs more of ways to say goodbye. And Fire Fest of the Week. This is our last


week of vacation Zoom shows. We're back fully in studio next week coming off of great takeys.


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Hey, that's right. I value.


Hey, that's right. My take is ended by bar stings sports.


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