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CONSPIRACY: Bardstown, Kentucky

Crime Junkie


True Crime

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🗓️ 26 February 2018

⏱️ 49 minutes

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A 35-year-old woman named Crystal Rogers went missing from Bardstown, KY back in 2015. Her car was found on the side of a busy parkway with a flat tire, keys, wallet, and phone still inside. Just 16 months later, while searching for answers, Crystal's father is murdered in cold blood. Now, people are wondering if these two crimes are connected to a bigger conspiracy that started with the murder of a police officer in 2013. Could all of these seemingly different attacks be related?

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Hi, Crime Junkies. Before we get into our episode, I have two really special announcements


that I think you're going to want to hear. The first is that everyone keeps letting


Britain I know that you want more content. You wish Crime Junkie was a daily show. I wish


it was too, but we have full-time jobs and can't make that happen. So instead, what we've


done is we have partnered with Audible to give you guys some more great content. I don't


know if you know this, but they actually just released an amazing True Crime podcast


that's only available on their platform. It's called the West Quark and you can get


it for free for a limited time if you go to audibletrial.com slash crime junkie. That's A-U-D-I-B-L-E-Trial.com


slash crime junkie and look for West Quark two words. And it is a three-year investigation


into an unsolved case that is probably the best thing I have heard since serial and


anyone who's into True Crime is going to love this. So make sure you go to audibletrial.com slash


crime junkie and listen there. Our second announcement is we are hearing you guys. You guys love


prophets. A girl named Kristen started a thread in our Facebook discussion group and it


is all pictures of our listeners' dogs and we are obsessed. So what we decided is at


the end of every episode starting with this episode, we are going to feature a puppet


of the week where we talk about one of our listeners' puppets, how they were adopted,


how their best friends now, and we'll post pictures on our blog of the dogs, post pictures


on our social media of them as well. So make sure to stay tuned after if you love


prophets and want to hear a short story about a great adoption.


That was a lot of talking. So with that said, I think we should just jump into the episode


and this episode was actually a listener suggestion from... Oh, great! Yeah, I got it on Instagram


from either Kaylee or Callie is how you say your name and I'm so torn because on the


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